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Accessories Site links to anything and everything you would need for a harp or harper/harpist.

Antique & Museum Quality Harps Links to dealers, collectors and reproducers.

CD Gallery A display of harp recordings and their cover inserts. CDs are in alphabetical order by harpist/harper.

Chromatic & Double Harps Dealers and builders of chromatic and/or double harps.

Classifieds  Free listings by individuals for the sale and rental of harps and all harp related items. 

Colleges & Universities Links to schools with harp programs.

Competitions Check out upcoming competition events for the harp.

Complete Mall Browse through all the links at the Harp Mall. The links are on alphabetical pages for easy location.

Concert Calendar Harp performance events listed by state and city.

Custom Harp Design If you are looking for someone to custom design and build your harp then look here.

Custom Harp Strings Manufacturers and distributors of custom made harp strings.

  A direct link to eBay for a list of all harps currently up for bids. Best to go to related searches at the top of the page to narrow your choices.

Electric Harps Manufacturers and distributors of electric harps.

Festivals Free space for advertising harp festivals, conferences, mini-conferences and get-togethers.

Find a Harpist If you need a harper/harpist for your special event or any other occasion this is the place to look. You can easily find a harpist that serves the locale where your event will take place. There are 3,071 counties in the United States and our goal is to provide a listing of at least one harper/harpist for each of them.
Find a Harpist in the UK The UK Harpist Directory 

Harp Buyers Listings of businesses and dealers that buy used harps on a regular basis.

Harp Cases Manufacturers and suppliers of harp cases.

Harp Kits & Plans If you want to build your own harp this is the place to go.

Harp Makers Links for all pedal and non-pedal harp makers.

Harp Music Listings of publishers and distributors of harp music and recordings.

Harp Repair Links to and listings of businesses that specialize in repairing lever harps and other harps without pedals.

Harp Shops Businesses that deal in harps and a variety of harp paraphernalia. 

Harp Strings Links to manufacturers and distributors of harp strings.

Harpists & Harpers Links to web pages for individual harpists, harpers and groups that include harpists or harpers. 

Harps for Rent Businesses and individuals that are in the harp rental business.

Harps for Sale Manufacturer representatives and direct business sales of new and used instruments.

Lever Harp Makers Links to lever harp makers.

Master Classes & Workshops Links to a page of free advertising for harp master classes and workshops.

Paraguayan Harps Dealers and builders of Paraguayan harps.

Pedal Harp Makers Links to pedal harp makers.

Pedal Harp Repair Links to and listings of businesses that specialize in pedal harp repair.

Publications Listings of publications that deal with harps, harpists and harpers.

Societies & Organizations A self-explanatory listing for people of like interests.

Summer Music Camps & Schools Links to summer harp activities.

Teachers Listings of harp teachers by state and city.

Want Ads A special bulletin board for harps and harp related items. 

Welsh Triple Harps Dealers and builders of Welsh triple harps.

Wire Strung Harps Dealers and builders of wire strung harps.


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