Welcome to the HarpMall's Find a Harpist Service!

This page is for harpers/harpists who are registering for this service.

About this service.

Find a Harpist provides an easy way for someone in need of a harper/harpist to locate one that services the area where the event will take place.

All the potential client has to do is click on the State and County where the event is taking place and this will bring up a list of harpers/harpists who do work in that county.

Why the search is done by counties.

Because it is the most efficient and accurate way to assess where a harper/harpist  is willing to travel to provide services on a regular basis.

The benefits of the HarpMall's FIND A HARPIST service.

Countless people have used the HarpMall to look for a harper's/harpist's services. We also receive inquiries every month about finding harpists for special events. We do the best we can to steer people to someone who can be of help or, if we cannot find anyone, we post the request in our Want Ads.
Since the HarpMall is currently visited by over 2000 individuals every week, it is the ideal place to list your services. Additionally, the HarpMall provides advertising and search engine support for the
Find a Harpist service. Even if you generate only one booking per year from your HarpMall listing it will be money well spent.

Cost of the service.

A flat $12.00 per year for a listing in as many counties as you require.*
You can include a photo with your listing for $12.00 extra per year.
Please email photos to webmaster7@harpmall.com

*For listing policy and limits please click here.

After your listing is posted you will be able to make any modification, additions, corrections or additional county registrations as you wish.

If you have questions please email them to:

To proceed with the registration please click here.