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Alun Thomas — Welsh maker of Celtic and Triple Harps
I make Celtic lever harps ranging from 22 to 36 strings. I also make three models of triple harp to my own unique design. These have 81 to 96 strings, and are far more stable than the traditional design whilst retaining the unique sound. I use only the finest materials, and buy in no ready-made fittings: everything on my harps is made by me in my own workshop, from wood or brass. I also repair and restore all types of harp.

Andrew Thom, Harpmaker — Modern excellence in architectural design, engineering and materials technology. The result is lever harps, concert and folk, of unprecedented acoustic quality, ergonomic efficiency, light weight, high strength, permanence and economy of price. Standard and special custom designs speedily completed.

Another Era Lutherie — Another Era Instruments are the work of Luthier Craig R. Pierpont. Traditional handcrafting skills are combined with modern techniques as appropriate to produce beautiful, lightweight and wonderful sounding instruments. Instruments available include gut, nylon, and wire strung harps, both modern designs and historical reproductions. Custom designs and ornamentation are available.

Blessley Instruments — Celtic & Cross Strung Harps
Blessley Instruments is Mark & Valerie Blessley in Vancouver Washington, USA.
Makers of custom 23 to 38 string Celtic and 4 to 5 octave cross strung harps.
Phone (360) 576-8111, FAX (360) 910-0511

Blevins Harps — We manufacture a variety of non-pedal harps for the wholesale and retail markets. They range in size from 19 to 38 strings, and are offered in many of the most often requested species of wood.  Our harp prices are quite affordable, for both student and professional categories.  All harps are covered by a 5 year warranty.

Cambria Harp Kits &Plans — Building your own harp can give you a sense of satisfaction as well as a quality harp at an affordable price. We offer the Cambria line of Folk Harp Kits & Plans. These are very good quality instruments, suitable for students, teachers, travelers, and those who do not wish to hock the family heirlooms just to get a harp. The Cambria harps are compact, and travel well. Tone is superb, with excellent volume. The string band is well balanced tonally, with standard pedal harp spacing (except for the Wire string 22, which has standard spacing for a wire string harp).

Celtic Harps by Rick Stanley — Celtic Harps by Rick Stanley are custom-crafted by a harper who performs as well as he works the wood, so your original harp is exquisite in both tone and form. Each Celtic Harp is a one-of-a-kind instrument, made with your choice of woods, painting and ornamentation. These are harps you fall in love with for a lifetime.

Columbia Products International — We make and sell Lever Harps in a variety of designs and shapes. Our harps are sold under our own name "CP Brand Harps" and come with or without levers.

David Kortier — Harpmaker — Here in Duluth, Minnesota, at the very tip of Lake Superior, I produce professional quality lever harps, sometimes referred to as Celtic harps, or simply folk harps. I also build historically accurate replicas of early harps.

Denwar Harps — Making quality: Celtic, Lever, concert, biblical and lap harps and selling direct to the general public at wholesale prices.

Dusty Strings is a manufacturer of high quality lever harps, building seven models of nylon-strung instruments. We also operate a large acoustic music store where we stock all types of acoustic instruments, including, of course, harps. We carry Dusty Strings, Triplett, Here, and others from time to time. We have a lot of harp music, both on CD and printed. We also host a variety of harp classes, workshops, and concerts.

The Ethnic Musical Instruments Co. — Mid-East Mfg offers beautifully inlaid and carved harps at very reasonable prices. The frames are constructed of sheesham rosewood and the sound boards are plywood with a 5 year warranty. Should a soundboard ever crack we offer a brand new harp with no charges. We offer discounts to teachers and wholesale prices to dealers.

Fisher Harps — Larry Allen Fisher has been both a professional harpmaker and performer since 1983. He specializes in custom built Celtic harps of beautiful sound and design. Larry has five sizes to choose from: 27, 30, 34, 36 (two) strings. Custom art is also offered to make your harp even more special. Take a peek into his musical world...

George Stevens Luthier — I have been making historical harps, lutes and other plucked instruments, both early and modern, since 1989; and to the high standard demanded by professional musicians and serious amateurs alike. The majority of my time is spent making late medieval and renaissance gut and brass strung harps, and lutes of the renaissance and baroque periods --- and I always have a selection of these in stock. Instruments can be custom made to suit an individual. Full details and new instruments currently available are on my web site.

H. Bryan & Co. Harpmakers — Major repairs and restorations of antique and modern pedal and non-pedal harps.  Custom made pedal and non-pedal harps.  Soundboards and acoustic problem solving are our specialty!

Harps and Harps, custom harp makers, repairs  and Camac dealer — Harps and Harps offer complete harp services.  Harps and Harps are known for their finely crafted custom harps with wonderful warm sound.  Additionally, pedal and non-pedal harp repairs and restorations are knowledgably carried out.  Dealer for Camac pedal, electric and lever harps as well as other harp accessories and strings.

House of Harrari — The Sound of the Harp joins Heaven and Earth... Over time the harp of David has come to be known as a mystical symbol of redemption and purity. Sixteen years ago, the process of restoration was begun when Micah Harrari built the first biblical harp in 2000 years as a gift of love for his wife to Shoshanna; and thus the harp of David has become a living legend once more. Located in Jerusalem, Israel, the Harraris ship their harps, 10 stringed lyres and door harps all over the world.

James Jones — Musical Instruments — I offer a 23 string Travel, a 30 string Celtic, a 32 string mid-size and a 36 string full-size harp with optional levers with either a rectangular or a staved back. I also build a variety of other instruments such as hammered dulcimers, octave mandolins, Appalachian dulcimers, bowed psalteries, two octave zithers and slit drums.

Magical Strings — Philip Boulding has been designing and building instruments since 1971, devoting himself exclusively to Celtic harps and hammered dulcimers since 1976.  With his wife Pam they have become internationally acclaimed as the performing duo Magical Strings since 1980, and continue to tour, teach, and build instruments for a nationwide clientele.  Philip specializes in high quality yet inexpensive 24-string lap harps, accessible to anyone for the purposes of learning as well as being a highly portable practice instrument for professionals.  Their harps and CD's can be ordered directly online.

Marini Made Harps — Alex Marini, from New Holland, PA, has been making harps since 1995.  In 2010 he opened a new harp shop so his three sons could join him in harp making.   They continue to provide beautiful harps both in sound and appearance.  We have a large variety of sizes and styles from which to choose.

Mikel Celtic Instruments — We are the makers and suppliers of Bagpipes, Lever Harps, and Irish Flutes. We possess vast experience and rich heritage of quality craftsmanship in this particular field. Our basic idea is to provide the world finest quality in affordable price, keeping in view the professionals thoughts and requirement.

Morley Harps — Morley Harps Ltd , maker of museum quality replica Antique quality harps, supplier of Modern Concert harps by Aoyama, Registered name Elysian, for Concert harps, Folk harps, Electric harps,
Supplier of harp Music for Royal College of Music Examinations, Trinity College of Music and Irish Academy Examinations. Large Library of Harp Music. Harp restoration, Sale of Scroll Headed Hook Harps, Single Action Erard and Double Action Grecian style harps, Gothic Harps. Concert Hire, supplier Knee harps, Lap harps, Wire strung harps, Harp Strings, Trolleys etc.

Mountain Glen Harps — Nylon, Gut and Wire Strung Models.   Single string-band, Double and Cross Strung Harp styles.   Sizes from 19 up to 46 natural notes. Custom Carving, Sculpting, Painting, and Inlay Work of all kinds. Traditional Historic Celtic or Gothic Styling, as well as any other "Look" or Style you wish. Electric and Electro-Acoustic Harps in all sizes and types. Built-in MIDI Sound and Light Effects.   String-less Electric MIDI Harps, using Laser Beams in place of strings.

Mumaharps.com — Roger Muma has been making folk harps for 20 years. His background as a teacher and performer of music inspires him to build instruments of exceptional musicality.  With his original designs he continually strives to present an instrument that is aesthetically pleasing in appearance as well as meeting the needs of professional players and beginning students alike. Custom design and decoration are a specialty.  Harps can be designed in conjunction with the customer.  Considerations include overall look, string spacing, feel of the strings and general sound characteristics.

Musicmaker's Kits, Inc. — Build your own Harp!  Kits, plans and supplies available for making 6 different sizes of lever harps and a variety of other acoustic instruments. Musicmaker's harps are known for having the best materials, most thorough assembly instructions, and performance quality sound.  Though we are primarily known for our kits and plans, we also offer our instruments fully assembled, finished and strung.  See all our products on-line, or call us (800) 432-5487 for a free catalog.


ParaguayanHarps.com — Here you will find Paraguayan harps made in Paraguay by some of the most recognized Paraguayan luthiers. The Paraguayan harp is lightly strung and has the largest bass volume of all harps. Prices go from US$ 390 to US$ 1290 for harps without levers. Most of them with hand-carvings on neck, pillar and soundbox. With 36, 37 or 38 strings. Height of the soundbox is 125 cm (50") and weight of the harp is of about 6 kg. (12 pounds). We also build smaller harps of 22, 28 and 32 strings. Made from best selected woods and finely crafted. We ship worldwide.

Rees Harps Inc. — Rees harps are known for their huge voices and light weight in addition to their beauty.  All Rees harps are individually made to meet the desires of the customer.  William and his sons build a full line of harps including 23, 29, 34 and 36-string single course harps as well as double harps in all sizes.

Sahara Group Inc.

Sandpiper Instruments — Makers of harps, harp guitars, and other stringed instruments. Sandpiper also repairs harps, replicates historical harps, creates custom harps and guitars, and can create harps for interior
decoration. Please visit our site for samples of our work.


Serenity Harps — At Serenity Harps we believe in a personal touch for a personal harp that not only pleases the ear but touches the heart.  Come by and see our new harps from the little “Lilly” and whimsical "Iona" to the full size "Serenity".


Silvershell Musical Instruments — We feature Celtic and Irish Lap Harps and Gothic Standing Harps along with Soprano and Tenor Bowed Psalteries, Plucked Psalteries, Hammered Dulcimers, Flat Back Lutes and Lyres. Each has a classic stylized shape, excellent tone and fine workmanship.

Stanley and Stanley Harpmakers, Kingston, Ontario, Canada — Fine handcrafted harps ranging from EMMA our travel/practice harp to our beautiful 36 string floor harp. Featuring FLORENCE our 26 string strap-on harp for the music therapist or strolling player.

Stoney End Harps — Just as people who make bird feeders are selling the experience of watching birds and people who print books are selling the experience of sharing the thoughts of others, we are not selling wood products but the experience of sharing music. In helping people connect to each other by making music, we are filling a deep emotional need in people. This is a worthwhile business, one in which we can take pride, make a profit, and have fulfilling careers.

Swanson Harp Company — For almost a decade we've been providing harpists with high quality concert grand pedal harps, lever harps, and repairs to all makes of instruments. Our reputation for quality work and service is well known, and is backed by a warranty that is the best in the business.

Thormahlen Harps — We specialize in making the 36 string staved-back Swan with nylon
or gut strings.  This harp produces a full, rich tone that is balanced throughout the range of the
instrument.  We use the most beautiful figured hardwoods and the finest soundboard tonewoods.
We can subtly shape the sound and appearance of your harp by carefully choosing from our diverse
selection of tonewoods.

Timothy Harps — For over a decade, Timothy Habinski has been hand-crafting a full line of professional quality lever harps, inspired by the rich traditions of the Celts, but designed to engage and challenge the skill of modern, discriminating musicians. A professional harper himself, Timothy aspires to an ever-increasing standard of excellence in his instruments, and counts himself fortunate every day for the privilege of touching people's lives with grace through the harps he creates.

Triplett Harps has been designing and building high quality musical instruments since 1980.  All of our harps are designed with consideration for tonal excellence, graceful lines and fine workmanship. We feature a wide range of sizes and styles to accommodate the needs of beginning and advanced harpists.  New to Triplett Harps is the "Avalon" harp series.  These harps feature our laser and hand engraving art work.  They are available in stores now in both wire and nylon.  We also accommodate harp teachers and schools with our "Nylon 30" model.
Contact us for details.

Webster Harps — Building since 1972 integrating ancient designs with modern innovations that have resulted in harps that are elegant in design and superb in tone and durability.

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